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On The Edge Productions, Ltd. is an international team and leadership development company which provides unique and precisely crafted team and leadership programs, meeting design and outdoor adventure ropes courses for groups from 8 to 1,250 participants.

On The Edge is a leading expert in creating high performing teams and organizations through the concept of "Winning Together".

We have conducted programs for many Fortune 100 companies, professional sports teams and military Special Forces groups throughout North America, Europe and Asia over the past 22 years.

Our programs are custom designed to provide unique team experiences. We work directly with each client to develop a program that is consistent with the clients objectives and desired outcomes. In this design process we take into consideration current client/group issues, meeting themes, budget, timing, group size and level of challenge desired.

On The Edge works with companies and teams to create a more supportive, positive work environment which helps increase teamwork, motivation and ultimately much higher success and productivity. Our programs consist of classroom time where team or meeting concepts are presented and discussed, coupled with all types of activities, from fun to team initiative and problem solving, up to high level challenges, which help imprint and reinforce team concepts. Throughout the activities, debrief sessions are lead by On The Edge facilitators. During these discussions, program learnings are integrated into useful applications to work and real life situations.

On The Edge has an excellent safety record and has successfully and safely completed team building challenges, ropes courses and leadership trainings for 1000?s of people. All of our programs take place in a safe, fun and supportive environment in which every team member chooses what level they want to participate in each of the activities and are designed for people and teams at any level of fitness or physical capability.