Our Impact

See the impacts we've had with the teams, leaders, and organizations we've served.

A short list of outcomes we've created for our clients:

  • Better communication

  • Ability to focus on common goals

  • Higher levels of risk taking and “going for it”

  • Working together effectively

  • Relationship building for effective teamwork

  • Overcoming challenges and barriers

  • Awareness and efficacy in collaborating with different Social Styles

  • Significantly deepened engagement, motivation, and inspiration

  • Increased levels of commitment

  • Achievement of goals / results

What our clients are saying:

"We are continually searching for ways to keep our executives and managers on their ‘edge’ (no pun intended). The On The Edge program was a perfect match for our global leadership conference. The relationship building for effective teamwork program you designed and professionally conducted for us illuminated all of the current challenges and issues our leadership is dealing with extremely well. The open, frank discussions that ensued helped us resolve some tough issues that had been plaguing us for years and helped us move into the future much more aligned and committed to working together."
Regional Director
"My world has changed in the past two days. I have come to realize that the basic values like human courage, caring, support, and trust have not died but are alive and well…ready to bloom in all of us. The human spirit will prevail if we let it. With courage, conviction, and, above all, support for those around us, the world can be a better - a much better - place."
Division Vice President
"The challenge of our annual sales meeting was to shift our sales force of 500 from an individual selling to a team partnering sales approach. We felt we needed something dramatic to shake up people’s old way of thinking and doing business to help them make the transition to the new realities of our markets and industry. Our sales leadership team was amazed how On The Edge’s one day team building program with our entire sales force really changed attitudes. Out of the experience our launch of a new way of selling and doing business was very successful and each sales team member commented it was a very positive, fun and memorable experience."
Vice President of Sales
Norstan Communications
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Some of our past clients:

◦ Accenture

◦ Allan Myers

◦ American Airlines

◦ Andersen Tax

◦ Apple

◦ AT&T

◦ Bank of America

◦ Bank of Hawaii

◦ Boeing

◦ Boise Cascade

◦ BP

◦ Bristol-Myers Squibb

◦ Cargill

◦ Cathay Pacific

◦ Chrysler

◦ ConocoPhillips Company

◦ Department of Energy

◦ Diamond Offshore Drilling

◦ DuPont

◦ Ernst & Young

◦ Federal Aviation Administration

◦ Frito Lay

◦ General Electric

◦ General Motors

◦ Goldman Sachs

◦ Google

◦ Hawaiian Electric

◦ Intel

◦ Johnson & Johnson

◦ KOA Corporation

◦ Leadership Los Alamos

◦ Leadership New Mexico

◦ Lexus

◦ Los Alamos National Laboratory

◦ McKinsey & Company

◦ Microsoft



◦ Nike

◦ Nuclear Waste Partnership

◦ PG&E

◦ Pillsbury

◦ Porsche Motor Company


◦ Qualcomm

◦ Roche

◦ Sandia National Laboratories


◦ Sony

◦ Southern California Edison

◦ State of Alaska

◦ State of Hawaii

◦ State of New Mexico

◦ U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

◦ U.S. Marines

◦ U.S. Navy

◦ U.S Air Force

◦ UNM Health

◦ Williams Companies

◦ Young Presidents Organization