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Why we do what we do:

We cultivate the capabilities of both leaders and teams to drive organizational success. Our approach to team and leadership transformation therefore maximizes potential and unleashes creativity, innovation, intelligence, and commitment across the organization. Most importantly, On The Edge empowers you and your team to achieve breakthroughs and transformations that exceed previous expectations.

When you build strong team trust, camaraderie, and collaboration, team members from diverse backgrounds relate more effectively and work together toward common goals. These factors generate high synergy, subsequently leading to lasting success and greater day-to-day satisfaction and motivation.

Our Approach
team and leadership transformation helps a team work better together, collaborating on a whiteboard

How we do what we do:

On The Edge staff are well-versed in unifying team members with diverse agendas, perspectives, and work styles by facilitating positive, productive group dynamics. Consequently, our development seminars provide teams and leaders the opportunity to work together and focus on common objectives and desired outcomes, leading to transformation for teams in overall success and effectiveness.

On The Edge unlocks significant team and leadership transformation by using high level challenges and impactful problem solving experiences. These challenges and experiences are coupled with powerful, engaging facilitation and on-going coaching from our staff to support performance improvement and learning for teams and leaders.

Our Impact
team and leadership transformation can create breakthroughs

What we're in the business of doing:

On The Edge is a respected Durango, Colorado based team and leadership development company that has delivered highly impactful custom programs, presentations, and coaching to over 350,000 participants internationally since 1985. We are in the business of creating both team and leadership transformation.

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35+ years of experience.

Explore the philosophy, stories, and insights from On The Edge's 3+ decades of experience working with leaders, teams, and organizations around the world. You can also read case studies from past OTE clients to better understand the impact we could have for you and your team.
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