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On The Edge partners with leaders, teams and organizations to create a supportive team culture. All in all, we work with you to cultivate talents and strengths by bringing out the best in each team member and leader, ultimately resulting in higher performance and productivity.

As a result of working with On The Edge you will see extraordinary results for you and your team.

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Create a supportive team culture in order to foster more cohesive teamwork while increasing collaboration and productivity.

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create supportive team culture by enabling leaders to support their team

Leadership Development

Developing leaders’ efficacy and skills in order to produce impactful leadership that supports team and organizational success.

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strategic planning to create a supportive team culture


Helping leaders, teams, and organizations develop a strategic roadmap to a successful future with all things considered.

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What our clients are saying:

"We are continually searching for ways to keep our executives and managers on their ‘edge’ (no pun intended). The On The Edge program was a perfect match for our global leadership conference. Chiefly, the program you designed and professionally conducted for us illuminated all of the current challenges and issues our leadership is dealing with extremely well. Additionally, the open and frank discussions that ensued helped us resolve some tough issues that had been plaguing us for years and helped us move into the future with a much more aligned and supportive culture."
Regional Director
"By and large my world has changed in the past two days. In this situation I have come to realize that the basic values like human courage, caring, support, and trust have not died but are alive and well…ready to bloom in all of us. The human spirit will undeniably prevail if we let it. With courage, conviction, and, above all, support for those around us, the world can be a better - a much better - place."
Division Vice President
"The challenge of our annual sales meeting was to shift our sales force of 500 from an individual selling to a team partnering sales approach. All in all we felt we needed something dramatic to shake up people’s old way of thinking and doing business to help them make the transition to the new realities of our markets and industry. Consequently, our sales leadership team was amazed by how On The Edge’s one day team building program with our entire sales force really changed attitudes. Out of the experience our launch of a new way of selling and doing business was very successful and each sales team member commented it was a very positive, fun and memorable experience."
Vice President of Sales
Norstan Communications
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Team and Leadership Development Blog

May 13, 2024
The Team Challenge Course

The Team Challenge Course is a series of both Low and High Events. These events have varying levels of difficulty, bringing many people face-to-face with challenging situations. As such, The Team Challenge Course presents participants with the opportunity to venture beyond where they are normally comfortable and “go for it” in an experiential, action-oriented way.

May 6, 2024
Strategic Planning Case Study: Small Town Leadership Team

The leadership of a small town in the Southwest United States engaged the expertise of Phil Bryson, founder and CEO of On The Edge, to guide their Leadership Team in developing a Strategic Plan. In this case the goal was clear: to unite the Mayor, Town Councilors, Town Manager, Leadership Team, and other stakeholders behind a shared vision that would propel the small town towards sustainable growth, prosperity, and creating a great place to visit, live and work.

April 1, 2024
Transforming Team Dynamics Through the Power of a Team Covenant

The main objective of a Team Covenant is to articulate a shared vision of how a team will operate and the actions individual team members will take. Grounded in insights gleaned from experiences such as On The Edge’s Social Styles Workshop and Team Challenge Course, the Team Covenant establishes a set of expectations that clarify how team members will collaborate, relate to one another, and contribute to a powerful, positive, productive team culture.

January 29, 2024
Social Styles Case Study: Goldman Sachs

On The Edge worked with a newly assembled team of regional brokers from Goldman Sachs experiencing common challenges and difficulties in relating to and working with different individuals within the group. Our staff facilitated a Social Styles workshop to help the team better understand and address the challenges and difficulties they were facing in working cohesively together towards a common mission, goal, and purpose.

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