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On The Edge is a founder and pioneer in the field or corporate and group team building. We have continued to grow our total commitment to quality, innovation and extreme customer satisfaction.

Each of our programs is custom designed and delivered to meet each group’s team development objectives completely and powerfully.

We conduct all types of team and leadership programs. Ranging from 2-5 day breakthrough team and leadership development programs to trainings on topics such as: effective communication, personality profiling, customer satisfaction, continuous quality improvement, time & project management, sales training and strategic planning.

We also offer many unique, fun, high energy, 2-6 hour team building challenges.

Our Philosophy


Team Building

Our corporate team building programs create high-powered teamwork.

Meeting Management

Professional services to enhance the design and facilitation of all types of meetings.

Teens / Families / Couples

two-day course for an exciting, challenging and rejuvenating weekend for couples and families.


“The physical exercises and the metaphors that they represent really raised my awareness of how I support team members and the people I am responsible for…it made me wonder about the people I have who are up on the ‘tightrope’ without the support they need and how fearful that must be. I am anxious to go back and really help them.”

Governor of Hawaii

“We are continually searching for ways to keep our executives and managers on their edge (no pun intended). The On The Edge program was a perfect match for our global leadership conference. The program you designed and professionally conducted for us illuminated all of the current challenges and issues our leadership is dealing with extremely well. The open, frank discussions that ensued helped us resolve some tough issues that had been plaguing us for years and helped us move into the future much more aligned and committed to working together.”

Regional Director - Microsoft

“My world has changed in the past two days. I have come to realize that the basic values like human courage, caring, support, and trust have not died but are alive and well…ready to bloom in all of us. The human spirit will prevail if we let it. With courage, conviction, and, above all, support for those around us, the world can be a better…a much better place.”

Division Vice-President - AT&T

“The challenge of our annual sales meeting was to shift our sales force of 500 from an individual selling to a team partnering sales approach. We felt we needed something dramatic to shake up people’s old way of thinking and doing business to help them make the transition to the new realities of our markets and industry. Our sales leadership team was amazed how On The Edge’s one day team building program, with our entire sales force, really change attitudes. Out of the experience our launch of a new way of selling and doing business was very successful and each sales team member commented it was a very positive, fun and memorable experience.”

Vice President of Sales - Norstan Communications

“We have been doing “team building” as part of our annual meeting for the past 12 years. The On The Edge program was by far away the best program we have ever done. Your staff were professional, fun and did a great job of getting everyone involved and including all types of personalities. The way you customized your program to suit our meeting themes and objectives was a perfect fit.”

Vice President - Nortel

“We wanted a teambuilding activity that was challenging, unique and professionally conducted. On The Edge definitely challenged us which made for the most rewarding and memorable meeting we have ever had. People have their pictures plastered throughout the office and the ” buzz” of excitement and camaraderie still continues 3 months after our return.”

Senior Partner - Ernst & Young

“Upon embarking onto our annual strategic planning meeting, we had a difficult agenda including some very pressing issues needing to be resolved. Addressing all of the important items within the time allotted was clearing impossible, so consequently I had reservations about utilizing one and a half days of our time to participate in your On The Edge program. In spite of some initial resistance, your program was an absolute Godsend – the team was so ‘pumped up’ and focused on working together that our ‘difficult’ agenda was accomplished completely with a day to spare! This was the most productive meeting we have had in years.”

Division Manager - TRW

” In my work with our clients over the past fifteen years, I have never seen a program that created such a positive change in an entire group. The whole scope and nature of our national sales meeting increased dramatically as a result of your Edge Program. All the members of the sales force with whom I have spoken to since have commented it was the best meeting they have ever attended.”

Account Manager - IVI Travel

“Going through a reorganization is never easy, but your activities and professional staff really helped everyone in our organization understand why we needed to change and how we must work together better in order to be successful in the future. Your program was the turning point in shifting everyone into a much more positive state of mind which really made a difference for the rest of our annual meeting. I very much appreciated the time On The Edge took prior to the meeting to get to know our company and to understand the issues so your staff could facilitate the activities and debriefs to create clear connections, meaning and business application for all of our team members.”

EVP - CNA Insurance

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