Leadership Development

Learn how to develop and lead an effective, high performing team.

Leadership Development Overview

On The Edge's single and multi-day Leadership Development programs and curriculum show leaders how to create and lead a high performance team culture that brings out the best in everyone and utilizes all strengths, talents, and perspectives as fully as possible.

We help each individual understand and have better awareness of the work and leadership styles of their team members, enabling each team to utilize the unique strengths and perspectives of individual team members in the context of a work environment. From this point, we work to illuminate and clear any past dysfunctions or relationship challenges to let go of social and relational barriers that are holding the team back. This is done to make space for new understanding and future team development. 

From there, the team co-creates a team covenant, which articulates the shared practices, values, and norms that are the building blocks of a supportive culture and learning environment. This covenant allows teams to collaborate more effectively and bring out the best in their teammates, which creates a more cohesive and productive work environment. With a newfound productive and positive culture, the team would then develop a list of priorities to be successful in achieving their key objectives, goals, or mission. The last step is making an implementation plan to rally commitment around established team business priorities.

Leadership Development Programs and Curriculum:

  • Emerging Leaders Series (1 or 2 Day)

  • Leadership Development — Basecamp (1 or 2 Day)

  • Leadership Development — Advanced (1 or 2 Day)
  • Leading a Team with Diverse Social Styles 

  • One-on-one Leadership Coaching

  • Team Leadership Coaching and Development

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership in a Crisis – Leading and Supporting Others in this New Reality

  • Leading a Multi-Generational Workforces Effectively

  • Leading a Dispersed and Remote Workforces Effectively

  • Leading vs. Managing
  • Problem Solving & Effective Decision Making

  • Leading Transformation, Change, Transition & Growth Successfully

  • Leading Change Initiatives in the Workplace

  • Successful Facilitation – Leading Effective Meetings

  • Fundamental Leadership Skills Framework

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