Social Styles

Guided workshops led by On The Edge to help you and your team understand Social Styles and their impact on team dynamics.

Social Styles Overview

Why do people do what they do?

Understanding and appreciating your Social Styles and that of your team members can increase team effectiveness, improve communication and build trust. Conflicts decrease when people understand how ways behaving impact relationships and when they learn strategies to improve teamwork. 

It is especially important for leaders to understand Social Styles and the implications of these styles in relation to personal and team dynamics. Because Social Styles are a common source of workplace conflict, it is virtually imperative for leaders to understand the four Social Styles and their combinations to make informed and strategic leadership decisions. Social Styles is a useful interpersonal tool for all established and emerging leaders alike.

Social Styles Workshop

In this workshop, individuals will determine their own unique Social Style combination and the styles of their team members. Strategies for handling interpersonal conflicts, improving team communication, and understanding the team’s culture and how it interfaces with the organization’s culture will be explored.

Advanced Social Styles for Leaders

In this workshop, leaders will examine their own unique Social Style combination and the implications of different social styles in team and workplace dynamics. Strategies for leading teams through interpersonal conflicts, improving workplace communication, and understanding team culture and how it interfaces with the organization’s culture will be explored.

Conflict Resolution

In this workshop you will begin to understand the different Social Styles and the how each approaches conflict. You will learn how to separate the people from the problem, identify interests that lead to positions or conclusions, develop creative options that satisfy both parties’ interests, and apply objective standards to resolve remaining differences.

Ongoing Social Styles Coaching

On The Edge coaches will work with you and your team to undertake an ongoing conversation about the role of Social Styles in your team and workplace dynamic. Our coaches are experts in guiding individuals and teams through conflicts and periods of transition. Ongoing Social Styles Coaching is the most reliable way to ensure that learnings and development from the Social Styles workshops remain an integral part of your personal and team success.

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