Strategic planning

Guided development of a long-term strategic plan to achieve future success and performance based on a shared mission, vision, and values.

Strategic Planning Overview

Once you’ve developed your team and leadership, On The Edge’s 1 and 2 day Strategic Planning for teams and leaders allow you to think strategically as a business to leverage newfound team and leader transformations in achieving future results.

We’ll work with you to create a strategic plan to enhance your organization by focusing you and your team on a shared mission, vision, and values, providing a guiding “North Star” on your path to achieving lasting success. This clear direction acts as a powerful catalyst for organizational alignment and growth.

Taking time to clarify which direction you’re heading in ensures that you and your team are on track to higher performance, starting from the baseline of shared understanding and common high-level objectives. On The Edge will assist in building strategic awareness and identifying common long-term goals that are directly tied to the foundational work you have done in developing your team and leadership abilities. This ensures that your development is seamlessly integrated with your long-term strategic planning, enhancing overall effectiveness and ensuring sustained progress.

Strategic Planning offerings:

  • Strategic Planning for Teams and Leaders

  • Update a Strategic Plan to Reflect Shared Goals and Values
  • Guided Implementation of Strategic Plan and Ongoing Coaching to Achieve Desired Outcomes

  • Strategic Planning Consultation

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Strategy

  • Establishing Shared Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Team Dynamics in relation to Strategic Planning

  • Implementing Strategic Plans

  • Being Strategic as a Leader

Case Study: Strategic Planning

See how On The Edge helped this organization build a long-term strategic plan.

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