Why OTE?

On The Edge collaborates with organizations, teams, and leaders to cultivate a high performance mindset and positive work environment. OTE’s approach to creating a better work environment emphasizes the diverse talents and perspectives possessed by each team member.


On The Edge’s team building courses cultivate the best in each team member and help increase effective teamwork, communication, and utilization of all the diverse strengths and talents on a team.


On The Edge brings over 30 years of experience unifying team members with diverse agendas, perspectives, and approaches to focus on common goals and objectives by cultivating more positive and productive attitudes and motivations.


To create true breakthroughs, On The Edge specializes in using active, hands on, real business problem solving simulations and activities. Teams learn high performing team and leadership concepts by putting them into action in an interactive, safe, and supportive learning environment – like a business training camp. These simulations and activities illuminate the path to higher levels of effectiveness, productivity, and employee satisfaction.


On The Edge’s philosophy is that with an understanding of the dynamics affecting team and individual performance, coupled with an environment providing full encouragement and support, people can and do choose to overcome their self-limitations, improve their efficacy, and achieve their goals – becoming their best selves.