Our Philosophy

On The Edge Productions Philosophy

Rapid change is the nature of our world today. We are in the midst of dramatic economic and social changes affecting virtually every aspect of our lives. Past successes and skills guarantee very little. Company after company finds its ways of doing business less and less effective, with no map of how to move forward.

As the rate of change increases, and all segments of the marketplace become more competitive, it is clear that the individuals, teams and businesses who respond to these changes as emerging opportunities … proactively , creatively and with solidarity … will be significantly more successful.

Mere understanding is insufficient to deal effectively with the complexity and rate of change today. We must go beyond understanding to significantly impact fundamental attitudes and actions. The quickest way to change is through powerful learning experiences which fully engage and challenge each individual, and the team as a whole. Only the power generated from such impactful learning provides the breakthrough necessary to go beyond the weigh of limiting self-perceptions and outmoded habits.

Many companies and leaders talk about teamwork and its importance. But few employees really understand its value in the corporate setting. On The Edge gives individuals and teams a clear experience and model of the real value and potential of high performing teamwork and then helps integrate these lessons into day to day actions and results.

On The Edge provides a “wake-up call” which catalyzes people to shift their focus from past success and day to day survival … to taking risks, relating to the team powerfully and achieving unprecedented team productivity.

At On The Edge we promise that program participants will see where they stop … then choose to step outside their normal boundaries and experience a much higher level of learning, accomplishment and commitment to each other, the company and their shared future.

Combining active participation and shared personal experience with classic information review and analysis is key to learning that results in meaningful change.

All On The Edge programs provide a tangible model of the optimal high performance team environment, which includes the following shared values:

  • Clarity of common vision and goals
  • Commitment to action
  • Open, honest communication
  • Individual accountability with shared leadership
  • Unconditional positive support and trust
  • Creative risk taking
  • Respect for each team member

When people experience these values personally in action, they intimately know the difference they make to the overall team performance and they come away from the program committed to bringing these values to life in their own work environment.